The Pearl: Rest Retreat

The Pearl: Rest Retreat


This rainbow appeared over the ranch just as our wedding began. We were in the Great Western Hall, right where the rainbow ends on the left. It was miraculous!


Ladies! Come enjoy a restful weekend away! 

The Pearl Project ladies will be given the opportunity to gather in beautiful Southern Oregon for a weekend of rest, relaxation, and meaningful connection with other women and with nature. Nestled in the Cascade Siskiyou Mountain range, we intend that this would be an annual trip that you look forward to each and every year.

We view this gathering as an opportunity:

To take in some silence and solitude.
To unplug.
To spend time in your own head.
To meditate on the beauty of God’s creation.
To spend time in God’s word uninterrupted.
To breathe in the fresh mountain air.
To take in some fantastic teaching.
To connect with other women.
To be away from the hustle and bustle.

This experience is not taking place in a fancy resort or a super luxurious location intentionally. There is something to be said for getting outside of your comfort zone, and glamorous-camping is just that for many women.

Don’t get us wrong! This is no sleeping-on-the-dirt kind of camping.  This is camping in style! We think there’s something to be said for stretching our comfort zone a bit, and sometimes camping can be just the thing.

When we are in the wilderness, both figuratively and literally here, that is where we find our deepest growth occurs. The stretching of ourselves and the vulnerability it requires to spend a weekend with women we may not know and step into unchartered water is one of the most beautiful and life-giving things, because God meets us in that place.

Let us be brave, together.


There will be a Guest Speaker and then a panel of speakers to contribute to the topic of the retreat. These speakers will be hand-picked and intentionally sought after because of the precise nature of their gifting and their specialization concerning our topic. There will be plenty of free time and opportunity for adventure.

You will have access to hiking trails, a swimming pond, The Crosses + The Roman Road, a campfire, morning Yoga in the meadow and the sunshine, and plenty of other activities.

My family (Jenna’s) has run the guest operations at the ranch itself since the 1980’s, so this element of organizational camp comes very second nature to us as far as the planning and organization of it. You are in good hands, and we are so excited to share in this unique opportunity with you.

My (late) Grandfather Don Rowlett who owned the ranch, always intended for it to be a place of rest and rejuvenation for people to reconnect with nature and with God. I feel honored to gather women in this place because of his vision. This was my childhood home, but also where thousands of other people came each year to reconnect in a fresh way with their heavenly Father.

So invite your friends! Let’s do this!

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