The Pearl Project’s Institute of Biblical Worldview Studies

The Pearl: Institute of Biblical Worldview Studies



The Pearl Project
 is in the process of developing a Christian Research & Study Center called The Pearl Project’s Institute of Biblical Worldview Studies.

As one facet of The Pearl Project, the Institute is intended to be a place that offers individuals the opportunity to seek answers to honest questions about God and the significance of human life from a Biblical Worldview. The Institute will host an extensive library and a knowledgeable staff that will in many ways mirror the mission and format of Francis Schaeffer’s L’Abri in Switzerland.

The longterm trajectory of The Pearl Project’s Biblical Worldview Institute is to partner with local churches and schools in a complimentary role by implementing a self-directed learning model that can be replicated in any city with Pearl Project administered resources.


Upon arrival at the Institute, each student/inquirer will be given the opportunity to present to the Leadership Staff the specific question(s) that they hope to learn more about.

In turn, the leadership will provide the student with topic-specific resources to engage the specific inquiry, as well as opportunity to sit-in on any teaching going on at the Institute during that time.

At the end of each week, opportunity will be offered to students to gather for a family-style, ’round-the-table’ dinner and discussion, where students have the ability to dialogue, dissect, and discuss ideas together.

Ideally each Chapter of the Institute itself would be near or amongst A) a local church, B) near or amongst higher education institutions, or C) near or amongst major cultural hubs in order to render its resources available to anyone who walks through the doors.

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Where sometimes an unbelieving individual may not step foot in the doors of a church, we hope as one aspect of the Institute, that perhaps the Institute itself could serve as a bridge that may eventually lead to faith for some who may eventually attend a local church gathering. Ideally the Institute would be replicable in format.

Each institute chapter will be accompanied by a trained and established leadership team. The training of each Chapter’s leadership team would be provided by The Pearl Project’s Leadership Team itself.


Like L’Abri, The Pearl Project believes that Christianity speaks to all aspects of life. We believe that loving God with all of our mind is a crucial aspect of our apprenticeship to Jesus. This Institute welcomes the Christian, the atheist, and anyone in between.

Amongst other things, The Pearl Project’s Institute of Biblical Worldview Studies will be a place where people are built up and encouraged in their faith. It is our goal to offer discipleship training opportunities, helpful dialogue, insightful study materials, and preparation in terms of the theological tools required to dissect the content one would face at the University level through the lens of a Biblical Worldview. This will take place through a diverse provision of study material, teaching by various instructors, topic-specific courses, seminars, group dialogues, and self-initiated learning.

If God is really real, then what?

Then we create a discipleship-rich environment in our community that calls us to invite the Holy Spirit to speak into our questions, our doubts, our relationships, and our contexts. We continually engage the mind, the body, the spirit, and the heart in an effort to know more intimately this good God that we serve, so that we can effectively give Him away to others. This is done best through Life-on-Life relationships, and through bringing our whole person into relationship with our God.

The JESUS MODEL for changing the world:

Disciple a Generation.

This means that we make the very most of the time that we have to build the Kingdom of God, right where we are at, while looking forward to the ultimate completion of that in eternity: The “Now,” and the “Not yet.”

‘Discipleship’ is simply pouring into another. It’s offering the very same love that you have experienced from God, to another person. It’s encouraging the study of the Scriptures and walking side by side as we flesh-out what it means to be human through the eyes of God and through the Story of Bible.


Women: Mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, nieces, and Grandmothers
If we hope to encourage the younger generation to stand up for what they believe in and engage the culture around them in a Post-Christian Secular society, we want them to be prepared and knowledgeable about competing worldviews so that dynamic conversations and dynamic relationships can happen.

Faith is not about trying really hard. It is about training our whole person, all of our faculties through faith to become more like Jesus through the study of the word of God, and through the study of the life and teachings of Jesus.

Many Christians have been taught a lot about faith and how they should be good people, but they haven’t been trained on how to discuss ideas & culture in a loving, respectful, and effective manner.

If we believe that Biblical truth speaks to all of reality, the cultivation of the mind is an essential aspect of our love for God. Listening to other people’s life stories, asking difficult questions, allowing for doubt, and encouraging dialogue to transpire respectfully is so important if we plan to fan the flame of our faith to the next generation.

The Pearl Project’s Institute of Biblical Worldview Studies will exist for those reasons. We hope that it is a discipleship-rich environment that encourages and exhorts those who enter the doors.