Team Pearl Project




These are the team of women who are either directly or indirectly helping me to establish and develop the heartbeat of The Pearl Project.

Each and every woman here has played a tremendous role in my life. These women have compelling stories, they love Jesus, and they have so much wisdom to offer. They have poured into me, mentored me, and walked beside me through every peak and valley in my life. I am so honored to have them beside me.

It is perhaps one of my most favorite thing about Jesus that He called those to lead who were the least likely draft picks. He didn’t chose the elites of His day, the most wealthy, the most educated or the most religious.

He chose the outcasts – the sinners – the rejected- the marginalized – the ordinary

He opened their eyes. He healed them. He gave them His Spirit. He set them apart to do His work and to carry His name into all of the earth.

He gave them a brand new story.

–  ℑ Ξ Ν Ν Λ

Jenna Hays
Portland, Oregon
Leadership Training Specialist/Consultant, Licensed Mediator & Arbitrator, Political Scientist, Communication Specialist, Cultural Commentator, Small Business Owner, Writer, Speaker, Women’s Ministry Content Contributor
Founder of The Pearl Project


Jeanne Rowlett Randall
Ashland, Oregon
President of Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation, Business Owner, Former English Teacher, Former School Board Member, Manager of The Box R Ranch, 
Mentor in Theology, Prayer Advocate, Business Advisor


Julie Rowlett
Versailles, France
Educator, Experienced Entrepreneur, MBA, Passionate about Food, France, Aesthetics, and sharing those things with others. 
Business Advisor and strategist, Consultant, Prayer Advocate 


JenPhotoweb (2)
Jennifer Hawk
Fayettville, Georgia
Vice President of Masterpiece Fine Arts Foundation, Business Owner, Homeschooling Mother, Advocate, Wife and Mother in hot pursuit of Jesus and the Proverbs 31 lifestyle.
Jennifer is one of my Spiritual Mentors, one of my Business Mentors, and is a life coach extraordinaire. Although indirectly involved with The Pearl Project, she is a staple in my life’s spiritual guidance and overall mentorship. 


Kelsie Randall
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Civil & Structural Engineer, Facility Operations & Development Manager at Hospital Facility, Small Business owner, Farmer, Consulting Business Owner, Agricultural Entrepreneur
Consultant, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Event Contributor, Prayer Advocate

Lauren Rowlett
A volunteer and counselor at Mountain Of Mercy Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, an advocate for mothers and family restoration, and a student at Bethel Atlanta Supernatural School of Ministry.
Counselor, Prayer Advocate 


Tiffany Hagler
Haiku, Hawaii
Doula, Yoga Instructor, Business Owner, Culinary Artist, Musician, Former YWAM staff Member
Women’s Ministry Contributor, Event Coordinator, Consultant, Prayer Advocate, (and my best friend)! 


Ashley Chase
Bend, Oregon
Business Owner, Social Entrepreneur, Managment Training, Outdoor Adventure Guide
Marketing Strategist, Graphic Design, Women’s Retreat/Outdoor Adventure Coordinator, Women’s Ministry Contributor


Stefani Ellis
Cincinatti, Ohio
Hair Dresser, Marathon Runner, Health Enthusiast, Volunteer at local church offering free haircuts to those in need, a Champion mentor of single mothers and their children, works with vulnerable women through the Dunn House, involved with CPS in an effort to work with moms who have lost their children to the State because of addiction, a Ministry Entrepreneur and founder of “Thirst For Him.”
Women’s Ministry Contributor, Mentorship for vulnerable women & mothers


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