Our Story

Jenna offers a bit about the heart + vision behind The Pearl Project here:

The Pearl Project Story

The Pearl Project 
was originally inspired by the birth of my daughter, Emery Dawson. The Pearl Project represents what I hope to offer to her (and now to her brother, Daniel) in my lifetime. Since it’s inception The Pearl Project has become a multi-layered vision that I feel incredibly blessed to be stewarding. We know that life is all about relationships and character formation, and I believe that our spiritual growth in those areas is done best in community. I also believe that God has specific plans for each and every woman (and man), and has designed each woman to contribute uniquely to the world. We NEED you! Yes, you!

When women are utilizing their gifts & talents, and living in their truest identity and purpose, it changes the way we relate to others, to ourselves, and to the world around us for the better, and to the glory of God.

The love that we have for one another is supposed to be the indicator to an unbelieving world that we are genuine followers of Jesus. That means that we should take the quality of our relationships seriously. Relational Leadership has to do with our relationship with God, with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us. Although diverse in subject matter, under the guiding of the Holy Spirit the content of the Pearl Project will all be pointing to the 5 concepts that govern Relational Leadership:


The entirety of the Pearl Project will develop gradually over time. While the Institute and the other facets of the project are still developing, the Pearl Project is anchored here where i’m simply writing, gathering my team, archiving, and plotting out the next pieces of the the journey.



–To My Friends–
My heart for the Pearl Project is to speak into the lives of other women as if I were speaking into the life of my own daughter.

The older I get, the more i’ve grown to appreciate the life-changing power of the gospel. Loving God has moved from a “heart” experience of my youth to become a much deeper integration of all of my faculties, where loving God with my mind plays a more robust and powerful role in my overall spiritual transformation than it had in my past. I want to offer my daughter the same insight and teaching that I hope to offer to you as well through the careful cultivation of the life of our minds. From my experience, doing this whole lovin’ Jesus thing is THE BEST in the context of relationships!

I feel particularly called to engage the unbelieving culture around us because they make up our greater community that we are called to serve. It is an art to be able to articulate, defend, and offer legitimate reason for WHY, as believers, we believe what we believe, and how it actually transforms the details of our lives. This is why I have such an appreciation for Biblical Worldview studies.
Loving God with my mind has increased my faith abundantly, and has increased my confidence and ability to have difficult and yet meaningful conversations with the unbelieving people in my sphere of influence. God has been so faithful to reveal Himself to me in new and fresh ways, shaping my inspiration to take what I have learned and offer it back to others.
To effectively (key word) engage our culture, and to be a faithful and successful leader in an unbelieving world, I believe that carefully cultivating the life of the mind is a necessary aspect of our spiritual life.

I believe that understanding our purpose, our identity, and our worth and value from God’s perspective completely alters the way that we live our lives and the way in which we relate to others and the world around us. This understanding enables us to live in a much more free, powerful way that inspires and encourages others to do the same.
That’s leadership.

Jenna Hays, Founder