Host a Pearl: Soirée


The Pearl: Soirée events serve as an occasion to gather women around your table once a month creating a space for them to feel known and valued. Additionally it serves as an environment for conversation about following God and what it means to give Him away to others.


The Pearl: Soirée Team will provide: 

  1. Four questions for conversation.
  2. One recipe for you and your Pearl: Soirée to enjoy.

You provide:

  1. The space for women to gather and connect.

The Questions and Recipes are delivered to your inbox on the first of every month.

We request that you make a minimum commitment of 3 months of hosting the Pearl: Soirée gathering at your home (3 Meals). At that point, if you’d like to make changes or handoff the hostess role to another woman in your group for any reason at all, feel free to do so. We know that things come up, but we want to honor consistency for the ease of everyone involved for this monthly event.

Feel free to Contact Us with any specific questions regarding this role as Hostess.

How to Structure the Meal:
1) Our suggestion is that the hostess (you) prepares the entré itself. Then any side dishes, desserts, and drinks are delegated to the other women who gather with you. This ensures that it does not become an unsustainable financial burden month after month, but is instead split amongst the ladies who gather.

2) If you are a veteran hostess and this is totally your “thing,” and you’d rather not delegate the food preparation, go for it! You’re a rockstar! We simply want this to be as simple as possible for you. We want this to be YOUR special function and for it to embody your desires for your particular group of women.

 If you plan to Host a Pearl: Table gathering, be thinking about your best course for promoting the event at your home. Some people use social media, others use text messages, email or Evites, but the option is yours. 

Feel free to fill out the form below to get more information about Pearl: Table events. Be sure to click the box if you’d like to become a Hostess for a Pearl: Soirée gathering in your home.