We are currently in the middle of developing several curriculums for small groups, church groups, and for individuals as well. When those are finished, they will be available here.

I’ve had lots of women tell me that they would love to host and create opportunities for other women to  gather together to have meaningful discussions on specific topics. That being said, we believe that through Friendship and Story, much can be accomplished for the Kingdom of God and in the loves of His beloved daughters. Our hope is that the curriculums simply open the doors for a fresh conversation to flow authentically with the purpose of growing deeper in our faith and growing deeper connections with others.

Our culture is searching for a place to come and get nourished; A place where they have a seat at the table. Creating and holding space for God’s voice to be heard, and for people to be seen and heard is the entire point. There are also plenty of women who do not necessarily want to create the opportunity for a gathering, but who are simply craving an invitation!

This is huge because friendship and genuine connection are where deep layers get shed, and where growth and love get to flourish. There is so much beauty and power to be embraced when small groups of women get together. Ladies we have a lot to offer one another.

There’s power in the tapestry of your story, in the art of listening, and in the art of being heard.

My idea with these curriculums is that they simply serve as a diving board to outline and initiate the conversations that help address the things that average every day women experience and grapple with. The goal is that the curriculum will stir up organic conversations that spark friendship, belonging, and an opportunity for women to pour into one another. No programs, here. Just women leaning in, listening, inviting, mentoring, loving, and connecting.

Please feel free to leave me ideas or suggestions for topics that you’d like to have resources for. What are some topics you ache to discuss, sort through, get advise on, hear from others about, study about etc?

Thanks, Jenna

“Friendship is born at the moment one person says to another, ‘What! You too?'”
-C.S Lewis

Pictured above are my two ride-or-die homies, if you will. Megan & Tiffany.
Like, these girls are gold and have made my life extremely rich. We are so incredibly different; Yet we belong to each other because we have chosen love and connection above all else.