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What’s your story?
Who have you been?
Who are you?
Who are you becoming?

Do you ever wonder, “Where is God in this?”

In Depression? Anxiety? Sexual Trauma? Stress? In infertility? Spiritual depletion? Abuse? Addiction? In our Sexuality? Death? Emotional Health Issues? In our Identity? Relational Stress? When lacking direction for the future? Figuring out what it means to follow Jesus in a post-Christian culture?

You’re in the right place and in good company.


What do we believe about those things?

Here at The Pearl Project we believe that only Jesus has the power to transform the narrative of our lives from the inside out. 

When we take an honest glance at life, it leaves us with this sense that things are not all as they should be. The promises marketed to us for ultimate happiness and success still do not seem to fix the deeper yearning and the ache that mark the human story. We live in a culture that offers unlimited freedom but lacks meaning. 

We believe that in Jesus there is a different story on offer.
This story is substantive and real, offering hope and meaning that refreshes our souls and quenches our deepest thirst in ways that we can not contrive on our own. 

We believe that your story matters as part of a grander narrative.
We believe that your life is not an accident, and we believe that only Jesus can take the broken and wounded places in our lives and make them whole again. We believe that there is beauty to be found in the ashes, and that God never wastes a single tear.


We believe that God is not scared of our doubts, of our questions, or our fears.
In fact we believe that confusion and doubt often reveal a good and deep thirst for God; a Holy discontent that is only satisfied in relationship with Him. This God has a name. His name is Jesus and He is a relational being.

We are made in His image and likeness, representing the highest view of the human being. He loves our honesty and He is with us in every step of our spiritual pilgrimage. As if His death, burial and resurrection were not enough, we believe that He continues to prove Himself worthy of our faith and trust in who He is and what He has planned for our lives. 

We believe in a God who is making ALL things new. We believe in a God who is making a way for you in the dry and weary seasons of life, because He has made you for more!

We believe in a God who knows you by name, who loves you to the point of death on a cross, and who calls you, “Chosen One.”

We believe in the God who redeems our stories so that our lives echo the power of Jesus’s defeat of sin and death, and reveal the heart of a good Father.

We believe that God reaches His hand down into the human story and that He wants to partner with us in His work.

When we give Him our lives in faith, He grafts us into the most epic narrative ever told.

He uses the things that once hindered our progress and the things that once afflicted us, and weaves them into the most beautiful tapestry that tells the story of a Father who would go to any length to protect, to restore, and to bless His children.  


What Are We Doing With Those Beliefs:

The Pearl Project is a Spiritual Mentorship resource specifically for women in order to add value to their faith journey.

We offer women an opportunity to deepen their faith and to grow in their relationships with other women in their communities by designing discipleship-rich environments, resources, and occasions.

: Environments + Resources + Occasions :

When you’ve experienced the redemptive hand of God working in and through your life’s story bringing about restoration, joy, healing, and wholeness where it had not existed before, our stories are ignited with holy fire, freedom, and with new meaning.

We believe that we can partner with Jesus to rewrite our history and to build a flourishing life. 

What has hindered love in your life?
What has violated love in your story?
What is something that has held you back, but you’re ready to break free from?

Trade in the shackles on your life, on your body, on your emotions, on your relationships, and on your heart for an unbreakable freedom; For a brand new story.

Dance upon disappointment, tread on lies, and walk on water with eyes locked on the One who will never let you down. 

It is our job to use the story of our life to point others to where God has shown up for us, and to point others to His goodness and His mind-bending love for us. When you’ve been given a brand new life and a new way to be human, there is only one thing to do:

Be Brave. Tell Your Story. Give Them Jesus.

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  By Women. For Women.

There are 12 Projects that make up the whole of The Pearl Project.
Each project shares the same mission and purpose, but comes from a different angle.

12 Projects: Same Mission: Different Angle


The Mission Of The Pearl Project 

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